You have unlimited access to a wide range of Coaching Models on CoachPro, each one a short instructional video that last from 4 – 16 minutes depending on the Model you have chosen.

As the Coaching Models are a quick “select” and “play” learning option that requires you to just watch and take in, you can access your Coaching Models from any internet connected device, anywhere at anytime. There are even subtitles provided if you need to watch in silence without headphones.

So, when you have 4 – 16 minutes that you want to make the most value of, whether you are on the bus, train, plane or out walking, then your Coaching Models on CoachPro provide you with a fantastic self-development opportunity.

Coaching Models offer you the valuable balance to your self-coaching and self-assessment with watching instructional videos to internalise new frameworks and concepts. The Coaching Models ensure that your self-development experience on CoachPro is balanced optimally between personal growth and learning.

Each Coaching Model on CoachPro provides you with a short instructional video taking you through a high-performance framework, concept or method on the topic of your choosing. All your Coaching Models are designed to make the science simple, and the practical applications clear. These Models explain and illustrate the emotional, psychological and behavioural processes involved in people, situations, circumstances, topics and scenarios so that you can take more ownership and decide upon your best response.

The Coaching Models give you practical insight with a step by step approach and clear illustrations on your chosen topic covering:

  1. What it is
  2. When to use it
  3. What it looks like
  4. How to use it
  5. Coaching tips

Once viewed, you can then complete a Personal Learning Assessment on the selected Coaching Model to help increase your levels of absorption and application of your learning.

The CoachPro System™ also provides you with recommended links and related Coaching Models to help you build your own collection and to provide valuable guidance from a coaching and development perspective.

Each Model you select is then listed directly on your Performance Dashboard to build your unique collection of learning, to show which development areas you have focused on, your viewing completion scores, and how you have rated and reviewed Coaching Model, and to revisit as often as you wish.

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