You have unlimited access to a wide range of Programmes with Assessments on CoachPro that can play a vital role in building a successful Self-Development roadmap to realising your full potential.

In addition to the Assessments, your Programmes also include Self-Coaching Sessions and selected Coaching Models.

Each Programme Consists of:

  • 1x QuickCoach Session (takes 2-5 minutes to complete)
  • 1x Self-Assessment (takes 4-18 minutes to complete)
  • 6x Coaching Models (takes 4-12 minutes to view each)
  • 1x 360-Assessment (takes 11-25 minutes to complete)
  • 1x Coach16 Session (takes 5-16 minutes to complete)
  • 1x Personal Learning Assessment (takes 2-6 minutes to complete)

CoachPro helps you build up a powerful collection and record of your ongoing development and progress by capturing all of your activity and scores on your Performance Dashboard.

Each Assessment that you start or complete as part of your Programmes is automatically saved, and your scores collated, into your Performance Dashboard on CoachPro. This allows you to review, revisit and complete your Assessments at any time.

You also have a range of activity and performance measures within your Performance Dashboard which allows you to track, monitor and identify where your strengths and areas of opportunity are:

  • Number of Assessments
  • Assessment Completion Score
  • Assessments by Development Topic
  • Individual vs Programme Assessments
  • Personal Learning Scores
  • Star Ratings

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