Your inspiration, reason and process for finding, creating and setting a Goal can be found on CoachPro:

  • Check-In System
  • Goal-Setting System
  • Coaching Models
  • Self-Assessment & 360-Assessment Reports
  • Coach Reports
  • Programmes
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Performance Dashboard

You can at any time start setting and get working on your Goals on CoachPro at the beginning of your Self-Coaching Sessions.

  • If you already have a Goal in mind, then the Self-Coaching Sessions will quickly help you develop and progress towards it.
  • If you don’t already have a Goal in mind, then you can complete your CoachPro Check-In to help identify areas that you might want to develop more and setting a Goal.
  • Alternatively, to get started and used to the Self-Coaching Sessions, you can choose a more random or general Goal and work that through the process.
  • Otherwise, you can always start with the Goal of “Getting The Most Out of The Self-Development on CoachPro” or “My Self-Development Goal is….
  • If you are still unclear on a Goal to get started, you can watch the Coaching Models on goal-setting.

Top 10 Goals Set on CoachPro:

  1. Relationship
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Career / Promotion
  4. Confidence
  5. Financial
  6. Family
  7. Home
  8. Skills
  9. Diet
  10. Travel

You have unlimited access to the Goal-Setting System and a wide range of Self-Coaching Sessions on CoachPro which provides you with the support, guidance and structure with which you can set Goals and get to work on them right away for maximum impact. You will also learn more about setting goals by watching the relevant Coaching Model videos.

The Goal-Setting System on CoachPro offers a step by step guide and instruction to help you identify and define what a real, high-impact goal would be, and not just falling into the trap of setting larger objectives or “tick box” tasks.

The Self-Coaching Sessions always begin with asking you to state, clarify or describe your Goal so that you get to work with a purpose on the outcomes, results and achievements that you want to reach. Developing this discipline in your thinking ensures that you will take this into the situations, opportunities and challenges you face with a solution-focused approach.

Goal-Setting is an important part of realising your full potential in Self-Development and CoachPro provides you with a number of ways in which to set real, high-impact goals successfully each time that drive your Personal Growth and Self-Confidence.

Being able to set real Goals ensures that you can remain outcome-focused, results-driven and achievement orientated, three of the most powerful traits of high-performance.

Setting Goals properly connects you with a purpose, and strengthens your levels of resilience, determination, focus and healthy perspective for all the situations and opportunities you will face on your journey.

All goals that you set on CoachPro are immediately captured and collated into your Performance Dashboard where you can continue to monitor, review and update your progress towards reaching each goal. As an important measure of your ongoing Self-Development journey, you can track your “Goal Performance Score” and your “Goal Achievement Score” in real time to assess your progress and achievements.

Set your next Goal on CoachPro today