You have unlimited access to a wide range of Assessments on CoachPro that are designed to provide you with insight, data and feedback that will support you on your Self-Development journey to reach your full potential.

All of the Assessments that you choose to complete, and the Coach Report that is generated, will always remain private and confidential to you, unless you choose or agree to share with someone. If you do agree or choose to share your Report then you click on “share” and input the chosen recipient’s name and email address and “send”. Your chosen recipient will then receive an email invitation with a secure link to view your Report.

Unless you choose or agree to share your Reports on CoachPro, your work, output, scores and feedback cannot be seen by others, not even by CoachPro. This ensures that you have a completely private, secure and confidential place in which to be honest and open with your thoughts and ratings.

Even if you are a Team Member or Employee on a Company CoachPro Account, your Account Manager on CoachPro will be able to view the summary information on your Performance Dashboard, but they will not have access to your individual Reports or Sessions without you choosing or agreeing to share.

Top 10 Reasons to Share Your Assessment Reports:

  1. Evidence Your Progress
  2. Engagement of Others
  3. Recognition
  4. Inspiring Others
  5. Appreciation to Contributors
  6. Part of a Team Initiative
  7. Encourage Feedback
  8. Developing a Plan
  9. Responding to Feedback
  10. Demonstrating Understanding

Each Assessment that you start or complete is automatically saved, and your scores collated, into your Performance Dashboard on CoachPro. This allows you to review, revisit and complete your Assessments at any time.

You also have a range of activity and performance measures within your Performance Dashboard which allows you to track, monitor and identify where your strengths and areas of opportunity are:

  • Number of Assessments
  • Assessment Completion Score
  • Assessments by Development Topic
  • Individual vs Programme Assessments
  • Personal Learning Scores
  • Star Ratings

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