CoachPro is your ultimate self-development partner, and self-coaching is the ideal process by which you achieve the highes levels of Personal Growth, Self-Awareness, Ownership and Self-Confidence.
On CoachPro you get all the structure, process, measures and questions to make your self-coaching sessions work for you, while at the same time developing your skills and abilities as a Coach.
You have a great selection to choose from on CoachPro. There are 8 Development Areas from which you can decide what your next session focus will be:
– Emotional Awareness
– Managing Emotions
– Motivation & Results
– Social Skills & Influence
– Leadership & Relationships
– Performance & Value
– Business & Careers
– Coaching Skills

The CoachPro System™ further supports your self-development journey and self-coaching process with the Goal-Setting System, Assessments, Coaching Models, Programmes, Reports, Responsive Recommendations and real time Performance data to ensure that you enjoy the increased personal growth, self-confidence and results from your efforts.
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