Goal-Setting is an important part of realising your full potential in Self-Development and CoachPro provides you with a number of ways in which to set real, high-impact goals successfully each time that drive your Personal Growth and Self-Confidence.

Being able to set real Goals ensures that you can remain outcome-focused, results-driven and achievement orientated, three of the most powerful traits of high-performance.

Setting Goals properly connects you with a purpose, and strengthens your levels of resilience, determination, focus and healthy perspective for all the situations and opportunities you will face on your journey.

All goals that you set on CoachPro are immediately captured and collated into your Performance Dashboard where you can continue to monitor, review and update your progress towards reaching each goal. As an important measure of your ongoing Self-Development journey, you can track your “Goal Performance Score” and your “Goal Achievement Score” in real time to assess your progress and achievements.

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