CoachPro 21 provides you with a comprehensive self-development workforce solution that gives employees a positive and effective learning experience and a range of high-impact features.


Check-in Process

An immediate self-awareness opportunity to identify key areas of strength and areas of opportunity in which to learn more, or to set goals.


Goal-Setting System

A supportive guidance process to develop the ability to consistently set genuine, meaningful and high-impact goals to work on and achieve.


Coaching Sessions

Unique self-coaching process designed by professional coaches to empower employees to realise their fullest potential and achieve their goals whilst developing their coaching skills. Detailed reports for each session ensure that the full value is captured and collated.


Emotional Gateway

The “How are you feeling?” question has become something that carries so much complexity and risk that it is often a question to be avoided or ignored. This is a fantastic emotional channel into self-development.


Self & 360 Assessments

Dynamic assessments across a wide range of high-performance topics for detailed insight and practical application. Enhances self-awareness, confidence, management & self-determination.


Responsive Technology

Unique self-development processes driven by behavioural and motivational science brings a responsive learning experience with personalised recommendations and guidance for employees.


Book Your Next Session

Employees are busy, and it can often be the case that their Personal Growth and Development gets pushed to the side lines unless it becomes part of what they do. This opportunity to schedule and plan brings high-performance growth into being part of the daily routine.


Coaching Models

Concise coaching videos in a diagrammatic format for accelerated learning and increased absorption. Exclusive, insightful and practical frameworks across all 8 key development areas.



Comprehensive self-development packages designed as a “Mini MBA” course on key learning topics. Includes coaching sessions, assessments and high-performance models.


Ask the Coach

Self-Development is a journey of personal ownership and growth, but for those moments of uncertainty, those blocks in the thinking, those bumps in the road, it’s great to know that Employees can still “Ask the Coach” to get them back on track with professional guidance.



A wide selection of self-development podcasts to add to the blend of learning experiences on CoachPro. Interviews, anecdotes and live sessions with the founders of CoachPro and invited Business Leaders.


Performance Data

Over 70 key performance measures and data points automatically captured and collated for real time insights and tracking of activity, development and results.


Account Management

Select your ideal option for Account Management to determine your involvement and commitment whilst delivering the desired level of control, information and results.


Personal Learning Assessments

Designed at Harvard, a quick self-assessment process to enhance the absorption and application of learning for employees.



Detailed and responsive Session & Assessment Reports with insightful analysis, performance data and practical recommendations and links for continued learning.


CoachPro 21

Each year CoachPro continues to develop, design and launch new content, functionality and features to enhance further the support, impact, psychological safety and employee learning experience to help drive self-development. CoachPro 22 will be launching soon!


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