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Account Management

Select your ideal option for Account Management to determine your involvement and commitment whilst delivering the desired level of control, information and results.


Flexible Options

As a Client of CoachPro you have a choice as to how you want your Account managed so that you get the optimal level of support and the desired level of control and information. We want you and your employees to get the most value and impact from having a CoachPro Account.

  • Internal Account Management
  • Joint Account Management
  • CoachPro Account Management

Internal AMs

This is where you have decided to appoint a member of your team to manage your Account on CoachPro, who will then be supported by the CoachPro team. This person would be directly responsible for the administration and day to day management of the team members and employees who have been given access to the CoachPro platform.

Joint AMs

This is where your appointed Account Manager works jointly with their CoachPro Account Manager to deal with the administration and day to day management of the employees who have been given access to the CoachPro platform.

CoachPro AMs

This is where a dedicated CoachPro Account Manager will administer and manage the day to day activity on your CoachPro Account on your behalf, and under the instruction of an internal Account Manager from your company.

Quick Set Up

Your CoachPro Account can be set up in minutes, with your employees getting immediate access, or from a launch date of your choice.

Always in Control

At all times, you have control over your CoachPro Account, from start and finish dates, to the number of employees with access, to deciding on replacements or substitutions, to cost, usage, performance and focus.

Data Access

Your Account Manager has the authority to access, in real time, the summary information on the Dashboards of each employee, and an overall Company Dashboard to gain valuable insight, performance data and to track activity.


Your Account Manager has ongoing access to, and support from, a dedicated CoachPro team member to deal with any queries and to offer guidance and suggestions. We are committed to ensuring that you get the highest engagement and value from providing access to CoachPro for your employees.

Content Development

As new content, functionality and performance data becomes available on CoachPro, you will have the offer of development or coaching on the latest releases and how these can be implemented and utilised for your employees.

Personalised Solutions

There is also the opportunity to create or develop more specific solutions for your employees that will meet your individual needs more directly. This can be the design and delivery of content, functionality or performance data that integrates in more detail.


There is a wide range of Reports immediately available across the CoachPro System™ that can be accessed or shared with your Account Manager. In addition, there can be tailored reporting set up to meet your needs more specifically if requested.

Automatic Upgrades

Throughout the time of your CoachPro Account you will receive automatic upgrades at the time when these are launched. This will be included in your agreement at no additional cost.

Top 10 Benefits of Account Management

1. Higher Engagement
2. Increased Utilisation
3. Cost Benefits
4. Significant Time Saving
5. Stronger Relationships

6. Positive Influence
7. Understanding of Strategy
8. Quicker Solutions
9. Greater Return on Investment
10. Learning & Development

Account Management FAQs