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Ask the Coach

Self-Development is a journey of personal ownership and growth, but for those moments of uncertainty, those blocks in the thinking, those bumps in the road, it’s great to know that Employees can still “Ask the Coach” to get them back on track with professional guidance.


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Unlimited access to a Professional Coach who can help guide, unlock and encourage employees on how to make the most of their opportunities on CoachPro.

Self-Development is a personal journey of ownership and growth, but for those moments of uncertainty, those blocks in the thinking, those bumps or forks in the road, it’s great to know that employees can always “Ask the Coach” to get back on track.

Development Guide

“Ask the Coach” is a simple and immediate method by which employees can engage with professional support and guidance whenever they need it. This helps build a connection and relationship with the self-development process; a process where they are working for themselves, but not working on their own.

Confidence Building

As a self-development system, the coaching support is aligned to the building of self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination. This ensures that the responses from “Ask the Coach” are consistent in their purpose of helping the employee take ownership for their personal growth and achievements.

Personal Response

When employees submit an “Ask the Coach” question, they always receive a personal and individual response to their request. Depending on the nature of their question, they may receive a direct piece of guidance or indeed another question in order to clarify what they are wanting to achieve. This opportunity for two-way dialogue when appropriate enables employees to engage and connect even more so with their self-development partner.

Coaching Tips

In addition to “Ask the Coach” there is a wide range of responsive tips and recommendations throughout the CoachPro platform to support your employees. Each of those tips are created by development and designed to guide employees in the interpretation and application of the scores and feedback they have generated.

Increased Capability

The support, guidance, recommendations and links presented to employees across the CoachPro platform are designed to continue their self-development journey by increasing their knowledge, understanding, appreciation and interpretation of their learning and growth.

Top 10 Benefits of Guidance & Support

1. Preparation for Future Challenges
2. Improves Learning Skills
3. Relates Learning to Next Steps
4. Broadens Knowledge
5. Facilitates Exploration & Planning

6. Assures Equitable Access to Opportunities
7. Personalised Experience
8. Reinforces the Benefits of the System
9. Provides Clear Context & Consideration
10. Adds a Consultative Connection

Ask The Coach FAQs

How does “Ask the Coach” work?2021-09-09T10:17:18+01:00

“Ask the Coach” enables Employees to send a request to the Coaches at CoachPro for guidance, support or answers to queries that relate to their self-development experiences on CoachPro.

When can an Employee reach out to a Coach?2021-09-09T10:17:31+01:00

Employees can reach out to CoachPro by completing an “Ask the Coach” request at any time.

What kind of support can Employees get from “Ask the Coach”2021-09-09T10:17:44+01:00

Employees will receive self-development or CoachPro platform guidance, support or direction in relation to their specific request on “Ask the Coach”.

How quick will the response be to an “Ask the Coach” request?2021-09-09T10:18:02+01:00

Employees should be able to receive a response within one hour of their “Ask the Coach” request in normal circumstances. Our intention is to respond immediately whenever possible, however in times of high demand, Employees may have to accept a response taking longer than normal.