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Book Your Next Session

Employees are busy, and it can often be the case that their Personal Growth and Development gets pushed to the side lines unless it becomes part of what they do. This opportunity to schedule and plan brings high-performance growth into being part of the daily routine.


Growth Momentum

Employees are busy, and it can often be the case that their Personal Growth and Development gets pushed to the side lines unless it becomes part of what they do.

The “Book Your Next Session” feature enables Employees to set a time and place for their next Personal Growth, Development and Performance Improvement sessions to ensure that they benefit from momentum and consistency.


The ability to schedule the opportunity to learn and grow is crucial for employees to ensure that they continue to invest and progress on their self-development journey. This quick and simple process supports and empower employees to determine the optimal rhythm and cadence that brings success into their daily and weekly commitments.


As the ideal self-development partner, employees will receive reminders and prompts for the Sessions that they have booked in to ensure that they keep to the agreed schedule as often as possible.

Performance Analysis

Each employee has a personalised Performance Dashboard which provides a wide range of insightful data, analytics, measurement and professional tips. Included here is the activity data from “Book Your Next Session” to provide actionable insight on the number of booked sessions, their focus, their frequency and their desired output.

Top 10 Benefits of Booking the Next Session

1. Clarity of Purpose
2. Identifies “Crunch” Times
3. Monitors Your Goals
4. Prioritisation
5. Battles Against Procrastination

6. Saves Time, Money & Effort
7. Holds You to Commitments
8. Reduces Stress
9. Adds Contingency Time
10. Puts You in Control

Book Your Next Session FAQs

How does this help and support the Employee?2021-09-09T10:12:33+01:00

Being able to book their next session on CoachPro supports Employees to find or create the time and space for self-development within their existing routine or BAU. Rather than trying to look for and keep some gaps in their diary for their growth and performance improvement, Employees can schedule in time to ensure that their progress is consistent and timely.

How is this integrated into the Employee’s diary and schedule?2021-09-09T10:12:44+01:00

Each time an Employee books their next self-development session, they will receive a diary invite into their mailbox. When they accept that invite, their scheduled session appears in the diary from where they will receive a prior session reminder.

What is the value in an Employee being able to schedule future sessions?2021-09-09T10:12:56+01:00

Being able to schedule future sessions gives Employees the opportunity to bring self-development into their daily, weekly and monthly routine, so that they can consistently and regularly grow and develop their performance.

How will I know if an Employee is booking in future sessions?2021-09-09T10:13:07+01:00

The future sessions booked by an Employee are recorded in their Performance Dashboard.

What if an Employee is not able to make time to go onto the CoachPro System?2021-09-09T10:13:19+01:00

Some Employees can find it difficult to create and stick to having time dedicated on their own growth and development, and the “Book your next session” functionality is designed to help them carve out time for this.

As the Account Manager, you can also encourage, direct and support Employees to make time for growth and development by reinforcing the value, need and expectations that Employees will be able to drive results and realise their full potential.