Unlimited access to a wide range of self-assessments and 360-assessments to identify and acknowledge key areas of strength and opportunity.


Awareness & Insight

Self-awareness is a key component of employee development, and the range of assessments available on CoachPro are designed to make this process quick, simple, easy to manage, and always positive.

Self-Development is about building upon identified strengths to then make areas of improvement less challenging, and assessments play a key role in that process.

Employees are given a step-by-step process by which they can quickly and easily complete a self-assessment across a wide range of topics, or even set up a 360-assessment where they can ask for feedback from chosen contributors.

Low Cost & High Impact

Self-Assessments and 360-Assessments on CoachPro present you with an amazing level of value for money and significant cost savings. With unlimited access, employees are supported by a comprehensive development system that is always at their fingertips 24/7. CoachPro makes the empowerment of employees commercially viable and professionally driven.

Check out the “Cost Comparison Calculator” to see the level of cost reductions you can gain.

8 Development Areas

  • Self-Awareness & Self-Management
  • Self-Control & Leadership
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Teams & High Performance
  • Business & Career Skills
  • Coaching Skills

Data-Driven Development

  • Each assessment taken (self & 360) produces an in-depth and detailed assessment report. This includes:
    • An overall score for that topic
    • Scores by self-assessment and contributors
    • Written feedback
    • Responsive Recommendations
    • Helpful Links for Continued Development

A Complete “End to End” Process

Assessments on CoachPro are more than just an interesting snapshot of opinion or feedback. As part of a comprehensive self-development system, the assessments sit at the heart of the development process so that employees are supported and guided prior to the assessment, through the assessment stage, and then onto responsive recommendations based upon their scores and feedback for ongoing learning and progress.

  • Identification of the Assessment
  • Setting the Goal for the Assessment
  • Guiding through the Assessment stage
  • Compilation of the Assessment Scores & Report
  • Responsive Recommendations for Ongoing Development
  • Helpful links for further learning
  • Complete Performance Dashboard Data

Personal Analytics

All assessment activity is captured and collated into the employee’s performance dashboard to help identify the key areas of strength and opportunity. This comprehensive range of scores, measures, analysis and professional tips and guidance empowers employees to develop a deeper understanding of personal performance and growth.

Top 10 Benefits of Assessments

1. Actionable Insights
2. Confidentiality
3. No Cost
4. Convenience
5. Easy Set Up

6. Part of a Complete System
7. Detailed Reports
8. Responsive Recommendations
9. Performance Data
10. Accessibility


Completing a Personal Learning Assessment significantly increases the absorption and application from what has been discovered and highlighted.

Each assessment forms an automatic report and the immediate opportunity to reflect and assess the output and results.

Individual direction and recommended links are given based upon the assessment scores and feedback to provide a personalised guide for continued growth and development.

Self & 360 Assessments FAQs

What Assessments can an Employee choose from?2021-09-09T10:08:57+01:00

There are a wide range of quick and easy to use assessments available for Employees to choose from. Each assessment is categorised into one of the 8 key development areas and comes with the option to complete as a self-assessment or as a 360-assessment.

What happens to the output from an Employee’s Assessment?2021-09-09T10:09:11+01:00

Each assessment completed by an Employee automatically creates a detailed report containing all ratings, feedback, comments, responsive recommendations, guidance and coaching tips. These reports can then be shared by the Employee if requested.

The report data is also captured on the Employee’s Performance Dashboard in real-time so that areas of strength and development opportunity can be identified and tracked.

How will I know what Assessments are being done?2021-09-09T10:09:24+01:00

Each Employee has a Performance Dashboard which captures and collates all activity and results in real-time.  The “Assessments” area of the Dashboard provides immediate insight into the activity, scores, analytics and results relating to the Employees’ Assessments.

As the Account Manager, you can also direct, suggest, recommend and encourage Employees to work on a specific assessment.

How are 360 Assessments set up for the Employee?2021-09-09T10:09:42+01:00

As a self-development platform, Employees manage their 360 assessments with the support of the structures, processes, guidance, recommendations and templates on CoachPro.

This quick and easy to follow process ensures that Employees can set their 360 assessments in just a few minutes.

How are Contributors selected for a 360 Assessment?2021-09-09T10:09:56+01:00

As a self-development platform, Employees manage their assessment contributors from selection through to completed responses. CoachPro offers Employees professional guidance on how best to select a contributor, and then provides clear instruction, support and templates to make this process quick and easy for the Employee.

As the Account Manager, you can always suggest, direct, recommend or guide Employees towards contributors that you want them to involve or engage in an assessment.

How can I recommend an Assessment to an Employee?2021-09-09T10:10:12+01:00

As the Account Manager, you can always recommend, direct, suggest or encourage an Employee to complete a specific self-assessment or 360-assessment using the direct message option, or by other preferred means.