Employees have unlimited access to a fantastic range of proven and practical Self-Development Models that offer clear, insightful and actionable frameworks and approaches for any area or topic of choice.


Practical Insight

These quick, bite-sized “click and play” instructional videos (lasting from 4 – 16 minutes) on a chosen topic provide an illustrated explanation of proven frameworks and approaches which help get beyond just knowing, to really understanding the concept and application.

Accelerated Learning

All Coaching Models are designed to make the science simple, and the practical applications clear. These Models explain and illustrate the emotional, psychological and behavioural processes involved in people, situations, circumstances, topics and scenarios to encourage ownership and conscious decisions.

8 Development Areas

  • Self-Awareness & Self-Management
  • Self-Control & Leadership
  • Motivation & Results
  • Social Skills & Influence
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Teams & High Performance
  • Business & Career Skills
  • Coaching Skills

Successful Application

The true value in any form of development is in the level of absorption and application of the learning. The Models on CoachPro have been designed as short diagrammatic videos to increase and accelerate the levels of confidence and understanding of the chosen topic. This self-development approach consistently delivers high-performance results and authentic personal growth.

Personal Learning Assessments

Based upon research with Harvard, CoachPro provides employees with the opportunity to personally assess each model in terms of what they have learned or gained. This method of defining the skills, confidence, advantages, value and relevance taken reinforces a focus on absorption and application of the content.

Performance Dashboard

Each employee has a personalised dashboard that collates their performance, activity, content, goals and progress. This ensures that their self-development journey can be measured, tracked and supported with practical and data-driven insight.

Top 10 Reasons for Choosing a Coaching Model

1. A topic of interest
2. A topic for progression
3. A topic of strength
4. A topic of improvement
5. A topic for understanding

6. A topic of need
7. A topic that is new
8. A topic that is popular
9. A topic that was recommended
10. A random topic to get started

Coaching Models

Completing a Personal Learning Assessment increases significantly the level of absorption and application from what has been watched.
Every Coaching Model is then followed with recommended links to related topics and content for continued personal growth and development.
Each Coaching Model selected is then stored in the Performance Dashboard to build up a personalised high-performance collection to expand and review.

Coaching Models FAQs

What is the benefit and value of these to the Employee?2021-09-09T10:13:55+01:00

The Coaching Models provide diagrammatic presentations of proven self-development frameworks and tools designed to drive performance and enhance outcomes. These short, concise and insightful videos are delivered to increase the Employees’ understanding of key performance topics with practical, step-by-step guides, professional tips and illustrations.

How does an Employee find or select a particular Coaching Model?2021-09-09T10:14:08+01:00

Employees can identify a Coaching Model video to view in a number of ways:

  • By searching on a topic or situation of interest
  • By selecting one of 8 key development areas
  • By choosing a recommended link from a report or assessment
  • By responding to feedback, ratings, or suggestion
  • Through the guidance or support of their Account Manager
What are these Coaching Models, and where do they come from?2021-09-09T10:14:21+01:00

Coaching Models are short diagrammatic video presentations of proven approaches, frameworks and techniques designed to increase the Employees’ self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination in a chosen topic.

The selection of coaching models provides Employees with a blended range of exclusive concepts and established frameworks designed by self-development experts.

How can I monitor the success and impact of these Models?2021-09-09T10:14:34+01:00

Once an Employee completes a Coaching Model they can rate that Model and complete a “Personal Learning Assessment” designed to enhance the Employees’ absorption and application of their learning. These scores and ratings are automatically collated and captured in the Employees’ Performance Dashboard which can be shared or viewed in real-time.

What are the best Models for an Employee to get started with?2021-09-09T10:14:47+01:00

The best models for an Employee to get started on are the models that have meaning or purposeful value to them. CoachPro provides a range of processes and links to help Employees identify models that are of most relevance to them:

  • Search by chosen topic or situation
  • Recommended links from any coaching session or assessment
  • “You might also like” suggestions based upon previous interest

As the Account Manager, you can also encourage, direct or suggest specific models, development areas or situations to explore for models to work on.

How can I recommend a Coaching Model to an Employee?2021-09-09T10:15:04+01:00

As the Account Manager, you can message Employees directly from your Company Account, or you can communicate in any other format with recommendations, suggestions or directions towards specific models, topics or situations to work on.