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Coaching Sessions

Unique self-coaching process designed by professional coaches to empower employees to realise their fullest potential and achieve their goals whilst developing their coaching skills. Detailed reports for each session ensure that the full value is captured and collated.


Goals Achieved

A proven high-performance coaching process designed to achieve exceptional results with greater direction, purpose, motivation, strategy and action.

Guided with professional coaching questions to tap into inner wisdom, to stimulate improved thinking and to determine greater outcomes, the range of topic-specific coaching sessions ensures that the awareness, confidence, resilience and results focused actions are consistently to the highest levels.

Focused Sessions

With such a wide range of topic-specific options, there is always a coaching session that directly relates and asks focused questions to make each coaching opportunity a success. This delivers a positive and engaged learning experience that is always relevant and responsive.

Proven Structures

The coaching sessions on CoachPro are built upon proven self-development coaching structures. This provides an excellent and effective coaching experience and develops high-performance coaching skills and capabilities at the same time.

Flexible Options

Coaching sessions offer development opportunities in a wide variety of situations, and the session options available on CoachPro reflect the range of goals that benefit from asking better questions to drive greater thinking and enhanced results.

From the quick, surface level QuickCoach sessions when there is those moments of crisis or opportunity, to the more in-depth Coach16 sessions for those bigger, long-term goals or ongoing situations, the structure and format is specifically designed to increase self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination.

Individual Questions

The quality of a coaching session, and the output and impact, is largely dependent on the quality of the questions asked. The questions in the sessions on CoachPro have been structured and developed by professionals over many years to ensure that the most relevant and valuable questions are consistently presented. But, if at any point a question does not quite work, there is always the option to “Change the Question”.

Session Reports

Each session is automatically captured on CoachPro and produces a detailed Coach Report for review and assessment. This tangible output ensures that there is value to be taken and applied from every coaching session.

Session Assessment

Unique to CoachPro is the ability to assess each coaching session in terms of the output and impact. This will enhance the awareness and capability of getting the most benefit from the coaching sessions;

  • direction and purpose
  • motivation and desire
  • understanding and strategy
  • action plans and commitment

In addition to the ability to self-assess each coaching session, there is also the opportunity to have a 360-assessment by inviting feedback and ratings from others on the session output.

Skills Enhancement

Each Coach Report captures the output, feedback and ratings for that session, to which the CoachPro System™ responds with individual recommendations, guidance and links to content that will help develop and improve those highlighted areas for growth and improvement. This ensures that the understanding, motivation and capability to coach continues to improve with each session.

Performance Measurement

As part of the self-development system, CoachPro captures and collates all relevant performance data in a dashboard of measurement, insight and coaching tips. Each coaching session, and the ratings it is given, contributes to building a personalised profile with which performance can be measured, monitored and supported.

Development & Support

To further enhance the personal growth and ownership from the coaching sessions, there are a range of models and assessments that are focused specifically on the ability to coach, to learn new coaching skills, and to develop additional coaching content and approaches.

There is also the option to “Ask the Coach” at any time in order to gain more specific guidance.

Top 10 Benefits of Coaching Sessions

1. Become More Goal-Focused
2. Higher Levels of Engagement
3. A Safe Place to Gain perspective
4. Deeper Levels of Learning
5.Increased Personal Awareness

6. Supports Specific Skills Improvement
7. Enhanced Motivation
8. Management of Stress & Emotion
9. Clear Plans & Actions
10. Positive Mental Health

Coaching Sessions FAQs

Do Employees need to understand or have experienced Coaching before?2021-09-09T10:05:17+01:00

The Coaching Sessions on CoachPro have been designed for all Employees no matter what their previous or current experience of coaching is. Providing all the structures, processes, questions and measures of high-performance coaching, CoachPro empowers all Employees at all levels to self-coach successfully.

Can anyone learn to self-coach on CoachPro?2021-09-09T10:05:33+01:00

As a comprehensive self-development platform, CoachPro has been designed to empower Employees at all levels to successfully self-coach, no matter what their previous experience of coaching has been.

By providing all the structures, processes, questions and measures of high-performance coaching, and also a wide range of professional tips, guidance, models, responsive recommendations, your Employees have all the support to make the most of the self-coaching sessions.

Employees can even choose to “Ask the Coach” for specific professional guidance whenever required.

What support do Employees get with the coaching sessions?2021-09-09T10:05:48+01:00

The coaching sessions on CoachPro give Employees a systematic and easy to follow process with which they can learn and develop how to coach and to be coached. These sessions provide all the structures, questions, feedback and measures required to get the most out of the time and effort put in.

In addition, each session automatically creates a details session report with professional tips, guidance and responsive links to relevant content.

Each Employee has a performance dashboard that collates their activity and performance so that strengths and areas of opportunity can be identified and tracked.

Employees can even choose to “Ask the Coach” for specific professional guidance whenever required.

How many times and how often should an Employee have a Coaching Session?2021-09-09T10:06:09+01:00

This can vary for each Employee and depend upon the type and purpose of the sessions chosen by the Employee.

  • QuickCoach sessions on CoachPro generally take 2-3 minutes to complete and tend to be used for daily and situational topics.
  • Coach16 sessions can typically take 10-15 minutes to complete and tend to be used more for weekly to monthly or bigger topics.

QuickCoach sessions are great for Employees to focus and order their thinking, so whenever and wherever that would be of value it is a good time to do a QuickCoach.

Coach16 sessions are great for Employees to create and develop their thinking into strategies and plans for their goals, so whenever working towards making big outcomes happen, it’s a great time for Employees to do a Coach16 session.

How do I monitor the quality and frequency of the Coaching Sessions?2021-09-09T10:06:23+01:00

All the data from Employee Coaching Sessions is automatically captured and collated into their Performance Dashboard so that their activity, growth and results can be identified and tracked in real-time.

How can I recommend that an Employee completes a Coaching Session?2021-09-09T10:06:36+01:00

As the Account Manager, you can message any Employee directly to suggest or recommend a specific coaching session for them to complete. There are over 50 sessions topics that you can recommend from, and there are two types of session (QuickCoach or Coach16) to suggest or guide Employees to.