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CoachPro 21

Each year CoachPro continues to develop, design and launch new content, functionality and features to enhance further the support, impact, psychological safety and employee learning experience to help drive self-development. CoachPro 22 will be launching soon!


The System in Numbers

Evolutionary Solutions

A process of continual improvement and future-based thinking ensures that CoachPro delivers on its promise to deliver the finest content, frameworks, data, psychological safety and support to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to fulfil their true potential.

Automatic Upgrades

With an account on CoachPro employees automatically receive all content, system and feature updates as they are launched. You can expect to see new developments throughout each year as we continue to add to the opportunities and benefits of self-development and personal growth.

Top 10 Benefits of CoachPro

1. Low Cost, High Impact Development
2. Inclusive Workforce Solution
3. Promotes Personal Ownership & Growth
4. Empowerment of Employees
5. Positive Employee Experience

6. Develops Greater Emotional Management
7. Improves Thinking, Skills & Behaviour
8. Personalised & Responsive System
9. “Always On” for Those Moments of Need
10. A Psychologically Safe Environment

CoachPro 21 FAQs

What is CoachPro 21?2021-09-09T10:26:31+01:00

The CoachPro System™ continues to evolve and develop with new content and features. CoachPro 21 is the 2021 version of CoachPro.

What new features and content are being looked at?2021-09-09T10:26:43+01:00

New features being developed for CoachPro 22 include Self-Development Organising Tools and Integrated Diary System in addition to new coaching models, sessions, assessments, programmes and podcasts.

How do I recommend or request specific content or features to be developed?2021-09-09T10:26:56+01:00

We are always delighted to receive recommendations and requests for new content and features for CoachPro. Please email these to content@coachpro.online or contact your CoachPro Account Manager.

Is the access to all new features and content automatic?2021-09-09T10:27:10+01:00

As the Account Manager you will be notified of all new features and content in advance of their release.  Access to all new features and content is automatic.