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Personal Learning Assessments

Designed at Harvard, a quick self-assessment process to enhance the absorption and application of learning for employees.


Full Value Learning

The Personal Learning Assessments on CoachPro are designed from Harvard research to enhance the absorption and application of the learning for employees so that they get the full value from their self-development activities. This quick self-assessment is structured specifically to identify and rate the quantity, quality, value and impact the employee has taken from their learning and to consider the opportunities to apply it effectively.

High Absorption

By self-assessing in specific aspects how the content has impacted the employee in terms of new skills, confidence, insight and understanding there is a greater connection with the learning that has taken place. This helps the employee get beyond the surface level evaluation of whether they liked or rated the content, and into the deeper levels of genuine and applicable value.

Successful Application

Learning extends beyond knowledge and into understanding when it is applied or shared to create an experience. As the Personal Learning Assessments ask the employee to consider the relevance and relatability of the content to their relationships with other people, with a topic or subject, or with a recurring situation, this helps ensure that there is always a practical and current application of their learning.

Purpose & Meaning

The most valuable and sustainable learning occurs when it has real meaning, emotional context, and when it is clearly aligned to a bigger picture; to a bigger sense of purpose. The Personal Learning Assessments on CoachPro encourage employees to create or connect to a future value opportunity for their learning as this is where the majority of the potential impact of their self-development is.

Personal Ownership

Self-development is a process of ongoing learning that drives greater personal growth and ownership. The Personal Learning Assessments on CoachPro are designed to reinforce where the accountability for the value and impact of the learning sits, and to empower employees to determine their own success.

Positive Experience

The Personal Learning Assessments on CoachPro are designed to provide employees with a consistent framework on which they can get the full value from their self-development activity and ensure that their experience of learning is always positive and purposeful. When an employee can identify all that they have gained, and all the value that they can create as a consequence, they are more likely to be encouraged to learn and achieve more.

Increased Focus

The structure of the questions in the Personal Learning Assessments help employees build a consistent process by which they will develop a sharper focus on getting the full value from the learning activities. Learning is not always a natural or consistent process for employees, and there can be many distractions in terms of delivery, format, concepts that will not always be compensated by effort alone; the PLA supports employees in understanding how to get the optimal impact from their self-development choices.

High Value & Impact

Overall, when employees approach and engage with development opportunities with a structure and process designed to increase their understanding, focus and clarity of context, their levels of absorption and application are enhanced. The Personal Learning Assessments ensure that employees get the highest levels of value and impact from their self-development.

Performance Dashboard

With an amazing level of detailed insights, performance data and professional analysis and tips, you and your employees have a comprehensive development dashboard that empowers you to identify, track and manage activity, ratings, progress and performance in real-time.

The CoachPro System™ provides more than 70 key performance measures and data points with which you can continue to develop and evolve your self-development strategy and focus for optimal results.


Your Account Manager has ongoing access to, and support from, a dedicated CoachPro team member to deal with any queries and to offer guidance and suggestions. We are committed to ensuring that you get the highest engagement and value from providing access to CoachPro for your employees.

Top 10 Benefits of Personal Learning Assessments

1. Clearer Learning Context
2. Increased Absorption of Learning
3. Accelerated Application of Learning
4. Personal Ownership of Learning
5. Increased Learning Outcomes

6. Sharper Focus on Value & Impact
7. Greater Return on Investment
8. Independent Learning
9. Stronger Self-Determination
10. Empowerment & Engagement

Personal Learning Assessment FAQs

What is the value to an Employee of completing a Personal Learning Assessment?2021-09-09T10:23:17+01:00

Personal Learning Assessments have been designed to enhance the Employees’ levels of absorption and application of learning based upon research developed at Harvard. This quick and easy questionnaire ensures that Employees are immediately focused on what they have taken from their self-development and how best to put this into practice.

How will I monitor the success and impact of Personal Learning Assessments?2021-09-09T10:23:32+01:00

Each Personal Learning Assessment completed by an Employee is captured and collated into their Performance Dashboard. This will include insight into the scores, ratings, frequency and completion ratios of the Employees’ learning assessments.

What insights do the Personal Learning Assessments offer?2021-09-09T10:23:50+01:00

The Personal Learning Assessments focus on 5 key attributes that enhance the absorption and application of learning:

  • The specific skills or approaches gained
  • The levels of confidence and understanding achieved
  • The situations in which this can be applied
  • The relatable impact of the learning
  • The relevance to a bigger sense of purpose
When should an Employee complete a Personal Learning Assessment?2021-09-09T10:24:03+01:00

Employees should ideally complete a Personal Learning Assessment at the point when they have concluded their self-development activity; a coaching session, an assessment, a model, or a programme.

However, there remains significant value for an Employee to return to any activity later and complete their Personal Learning Assessment as this helps reconnect with the key learning points.

How do I encourage Employees to complete a Personal Learning Assessment?2021-09-09T10:24:20+01:00

Personal Learning Assessments are encouraged and promoted across the CoachPro platform so that Employees can see their relevance, however as the Account Manager you should look to remind and reinforce the value of these assessments and how these relate directly to the Employees ability to absorb and apply their learning.