Detailed and responsive Session & Assessment Reports with insightful analysis, performance data and practical recommendations and links for continued learning.


Information & Insight

Measurement and data are key elements in ensuring that employees gain all the benefits made available by a self-development process. Each coaching session, assessment and profiling exercise on CoachPro automatically produces a detailed report which can be reviewed and shared from their Performance Dashboard.

Keeping Score

Without measurement, there will be no improvement. Each report provides an overall score from every coaching session, assessment and profile exercise to ensure that employees can identify, measure and demonstrate progress, improvement and personal growth towards reaching their full potential.

Development Context

The reports on CoachPro capture and collate the data and responses from each coaching session, assessment and profiling exercise and present the information in a positive, constructive developmental context. This ensures that each report supports and encourages employees to realise the self-development opportunity that the data provides.


Reports on CoachPro also contain guidelines from professional coaches on how best to interpret the data and responses in order that the information is received positively, constructively, and essentially, as an opportunity to direct their personal growth and development. This objective support ensures that development opportunities are not missed, lost, ignored or emotionally avoided.

Developing Expertise

Each topic of coaching session, assessment or profiling exercise on CoachPro is designed to develop employees beyond just knowledge and more into a deeper understanding. The approach of self-development utilises accelerated learning to ensure that employees build from a place of strength, confidence and awareness, and this is reflected in the reports.

Each topic selected by employees is illustrated in the report in its component parts so that an understanding of how something works, and why it works that way is better appreciated, analysed and measured. Being able to identify a process opens up the opportunity to connect at a deeper level and become an expert.

Responsive Recommendations

Reports on CoachPro include in them individual recommendations and links for continued learning and growth based upon the employee scores, ratings and feedback from the session or assessment. This supports employees with direction for their ongoing self-development journey.

Positive Experience

The Reports on CoachPro are designed to provide employees with a consistent format from which they can quickly gather valuable insight and data on their performance and potential. Self-development data is presented to increase self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination; to recognise key strengths and to guide employees towards high-performance opportunities.

This focus and delivery will ensure that employees have a positive experience when analysing and applying their performance data.

Evidence of Progress

Self-development is an ongoing journey of discovery and learning for employees as they work towards reaching their full potential, and the reports on CoachPro provide valuable recognition, evidence and confirmation of the important progress and growth milestones and stages that employees will go through.

It is often these moments of reflection, acknowledgement and recognition of progress and achievement that prove vital as a catalyst for continuing the journey towards fulfilment.

Performance Dashboard

The reports on CoachPro are part of a comprehensive self-development platform designed to support employees realising their fullest potential.

With an amazing level of detailed insights, performance data and professional analysis and tips, you and your employees have a comprehensive development dashboard that empowers you to identify, track and manage activity, ratings, progress and performance in real-time.

The CoachPro System™ provides more than 70 key performance measures and data points with which you can continue to develop and evolve your self-development strategy and focus for optimal results.


Your Account Manager has ongoing access to, and support from, a dedicated CoachPro team member to deal with any queries and to offer guidance and suggestions. We are committed to ensuring that you get the highest engagement and value from providing access to CoachPro for your employees.

Top 10 Benefits of Reports on CoachPro

1. Consolidated & Updated Information
2. Clear Communication
3. Facilitates Decision Making & Planning
4. Discloses Unknown Information
5. Provides Employees with Insight

6. Creates a Reliable Record
7. Delivers a Consistent Framework
8. Identifies Opportunities for Growth
9. Constructive & Objective Measurement
10. Points for Communications & Discussion

Reporting FAQs

What Reports will I receive or be given access to?2021-09-09T10:24:57+01:00

As the Account Manager you have a Company Performance Dashboard which captures and collates the cumulative scores and ratings of all your Employees activity on CoachPro.

For insight into specific coaching sessions and assessments completed by an Employee you will have to request that they share that with you.

As for additional Management Information you can request these from your CoachPro Account Manager.

How do I get to see individual Employee Reports?2021-09-09T10:25:13+01:00

You will have to request that an Employee shares an individual session or assessment report as you will only have direct access to the Company Performance Dashboard and a summary view of individual Employee Dashboards.

What additional Management Information can I request?2021-09-09T10:25:28+01:00

As the Account Manager, your Company Performance Dashboard provides you with over 70 measures and data points captured and collated in real-time.

Any additional management information can be requested from your CoachPro Account Manager.

What are Employees asked to do with their Reports?2021-09-09T10:25:43+01:00

Employees are encouraged to use their Reports for insights into their personal performance, strengths and areas of development opportunity. The Reports enable Employees to identify, track and understand themselves and development topics better so that their self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and self-determination increase.

Who gets to see the Employees’ Reports?2021-09-09T10:25:57+01:00

Employees have sole access to their Reports so that the process retains confidentiality, integrity and honesty. At any time however, an Employee can decide to “share” their Report to demonstrate their activity, progress or achievement, or in response to a request from their Account Manager.