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Responsive Technology

Unique self-development processes driven by behavioural and motivational science brings a responsive learning experience with personalised recommendations and guidance for employees.


Personal Learning Experience

CoachPro is a comprehensive self-development system designed and built with responsive technology to provide a personal and individual learning and development experience. Driven by motivational and behavioural science, this empowers and encourages employees to create a unique roadmap to realising their fullest potential of authentic personal growth.

Questions-Driven Solutions

Self-development is the most effective and sustainable method for driving personal growth and high-performance. This approach develops greater personal ownership and authenticity in employee development as it improves the thinking, feeling, skill and behaviour through asking structured questions designed to deliver exceptional results.

While answer-driven approaches have a very limited relevance, the best questions will continue to remain relevant, valuable and impactful.

Employee-Generated Content

For higher levels of meaningful engagement, absorption and application of learning, CoachPro encourages employees to generate content through the various coaching sessions, profiles, assessments and programmes. This is then supported by a wide range of content and insights provided in the Coaching Models, Podcasts and Professional Tips.

This emphasis of providing high-performance frameworks on which employees can develop their own thinking, insights and conclusions ensures that they are always creating a personal, positive and individual learning and development experience.

Individual Recommendations

The CoachPro System™ is designed to capture and collate each element of employee input, ratings and scores from all coaching sessions, personal analysis, assessments, activities, profiles and feedback received. The system then creates individual recommendations and links to content, and professional tips in response to their data in real-time to give employees a genuine self-development partner that evolves with them.

Data Interpretation

Often assessments and profiles are delivered in isolation without the appropriate follow-up, support, or development of interpretation. This often leads to key insights being missed or avoided, for the focus to be on low value aspects or lacking altogether, or for the data to be misinterpreted, or to never actually be used constructively as a development guide.

On CoachPro, employees are supported throughout all areas of the system with professional guidance, recommendations, interpretation and links to recommended learning options so that they never miss the opportunity.

Integrated Approach

There is a wide range of self-development content on CoachPro, but what sets this platform apart from others is that it has been designed and built as an integrated content system. This means that every activity, coaching session, profile, assessment, rating or piece of feedback an employee has on CoachPro is captured and collated to then provide recommended links in response to where they are, and where they want to get to.

The ability to help employee “join the dots” rather than just collect more content, tick more boxes, or complete more isolated courses ensures that they get the benefit of amplification and cohesion while building their individual development roadmap.

Performance Dashboard

With an amazing level of detailed insights, performance data and professional analysis and tips, you and your employees have a comprehensive development dashboard that empowers you to identify, track and manage activity, ratings, progress and performance in real-time.

The CoachPro System™ provides more than 70 key performance measures and data points with which you can continue to develop and evolve your self-development strategy and focus for optimal results.


Your Account Manager has ongoing access to, and support from, a dedicated CoachPro team member to deal with any queries and to offer guidance and suggestions. We are committed to ensuring that you get the highest engagement and value from providing access to CoachPro for your employees.

Top 10 Benefits of Responsive Technology on CoachPro

1. Personal Learning Experience
2. Individual Recommendations
3. Relevant Content Options
4. Greater System Engagement
5. Increased Learning Outcomes

6. Cohesive Learning
7. Individual Development Roadmaps
8. Stronger Interpretation
9. Improved Absorption & Application
10. Amplification of Focus & Learning

Responsive Technology FAQs

How does this help and support the Employee?2021-09-09T10:10:46+01:00

The responsive technology on CoachPro enables the platform to provide personalised, relevant and impactful recommendations, guidance and professional tips to the Employee throughout their self-development journey.

This supports the self-development environment of personal ownership and growth that is create for each individual by each individual to build their own unique learning roadmap.

How does this work in practical terms for the Employee?2021-09-09T10:10:59+01:00

The responsive technology means that every activity and input that comes from the Employee generates a personalised response from The CoachPro System™ in terms of relevant recommendations, guidance and professional tips. This supports Employees in deciding where to go next on their self-development journey to reach their full potential.

Where do the responsive recommendations and guidance come from?2021-09-09T10:11:15+01:00

The recommendations, guidance and tips on the CoachPro System™ have been crafted by development industry experts and the creators of CoachPro to respond to the activity, scores, feedback and results generated by Employees.

How does this impact the Employees’ learning experience?2021-09-09T10:11:30+01:00

The responsive technology delivers a level of personalisation and interaction between the Employee and CoachPro. This ability for the Employee to help create, develop and build their own self-development roadmap ensures that their learning experience is always positive and Employee-owned for optimal results.

Is this the same as predictive technology?2021-09-09T10:11:48+01:00

Self-development is better served by responsive technology as it empowers the user to create, develop and own their solutions and outcomes.

Responsive technology is less linear than predictive technology and created largely by the activity, feedback and scores of the Employee.  Predictive technology interprets user activity, while responsive technology supports the user to develop their own interpretation. Predictive pathways will be more binary, based upon “yes/no” options, where responsive pathways have wider options from which the user can then determine. Predictive processes narrows and leads to one of several pre-determined outcomes, whereas a responsive process opens users up to greater possibilities.