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Affordable Workforce Development

Offered as an annual licence for as little as £10 per month, CoachPro provides unmatched value and impact. Unlimited coaching sessions, assessments, models, programmes and performance data, means that employees have a viable, credible and inclusive platform on which to realise their full potential.


Cost Comparison

There are a range of costs involved in developing and supporting a workforce who are facing a variety of situations, opportunities, issues and complexities.

CoachPro will save you time, reduce the grind, and save you money.



No more time taken up with situations that could be dealt with in advance by others, with moments of crisis that could have been avoided, with relationship and communication issues that were unnecessary, and circumstances that have been escalated due to a lack of knowledge or understanding.

With access to 24/7 support, development, guidance and learning, employees can independently master those moments of crisis, and develop the skills, knowledge, techniques and methods to take ownership of their performance and growth. CoachPro will save you time.

The Grind

The hidden costs can be the most difficult to put an exact figure on and easily escalate at the expense of other things. The “Grind” costs occur between the identification of a need, to the paying for a solution.

  • The time and effort to source, evaluate, or compare suppliers.
  • The time and effort to see if the it is right; the process to appoint a supplier; the communication, the management, the taster sessions to make sure.
  • The time and effort to get feedback, the paperwork, the agreements and contracts, the multiple invoices and payment terms.
  • The personalities and opinions; the different approaches, the management of expectations; the communication and arbitration.
  • The going through the whole process again in a few months, or next year……

On CoachPro, employees are encouraged and supported to take personal ownership for the performance and growth; to create and develop their own solution; to see through their own strategies; to determine their results and future opportunities. CoachPro is an inclusive, unlimited access, self-managed, turnkey solution for your workforce. As a fully-managed service with dedicated account managers working on your behalf. CoachPro is a low-cost, high impact, one invoice solution. CoachPro will reduce the grind.


The clearest of costs are identified by what you pay to get the most value and impact for the best price. Traditional coaching has not always been easy to control in terms of cost or to demonstrate clear returns on the investment.

High quality development comes at a price, and the more successful the results, the greater the demand grows. When costs spiral, these solutions can become restricted, exclusive or unviable; or budgets get blown completely.

Although lower cost options with less scope are more affordable as an inclusive solution, they can at times lack impact or return. This could avoid the problem of demand or spiralling costs, but it can still prove to be an ineffective investment.

As a low-cost, yet high-impact solution, CoachPro enables you to offer unlimited access across your workforce as a credible, inclusive and viable development platform that is “always on”. With complete control over cost, utilisation and allocation, you have an optimal platform for supporting, developing and empowering your workforce today. CoachPro will save you money.


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