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The CoachPro System™ is a dedicated Self-Development Platform designed to drive high-performance, ownership, self-determination and personal growth across your Teams and Business.

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Welcome to CoachPro for Companies

CoachPro enables you to:

  • Identify key areas of opportunity for individuals and teams to self-develop.
  • Transform their performance and growth with high-performance structures, processes and content.
  • Measure progress, track improvement and celebrate success with live data on the Individual and Team Performance Dashboards.

The CoachPro System™ is a dedicated Self-Development Platform designed to drive high-performance, ownership, self-determination and personal growth across your Teams and Business.

To have a culture and workforce that drives all the benefits from self-directed learning, accountability, active participation and strategic ambition, there needs to be a platform that provides the structures, processes, measurement and flexible delivery to support that strategy.

When you take the decision to take charge of your future you will find your purpose, stimulate your motivation, and commit to realising your fullest potential through self-development.

Self Development

The process of Self-Development will ensure that you are able to identify and build upon all your strengths, and make all your weaknesses less challenging, to design and achieve all that you can in your life, your career, your relationships, and your happiness with confidence and integrity.

The CoachPro System™ enables you to define the future you want to have, to accurately assess where you are, and to support you all the way on your self-development journey through self-coaching processes and intuitive technology to success and fulfilment.


Self-Development is more than positive thinking or having good intentions or sitting on the side-lines observing; Self-Development is about the Integrity & Trust with which you reach your true potential.

The CoachPro System™

The CoachPro System™ is a dedicated self-development platform that provides you with the structures, processes and measurement to realise your fullest potential in personal growth and self-determination through self-coaching.
If you are ready to guide your own growth and transition, self-coaching is for you.

Why Self-Coach on CoachPro

The CoachPro System™ provides you with a unique technology platform that works with and for you to deliver the self-coaching experience you deserve, and all the positive attributes that will support you in reaching your true potential:

  • High-Performance processes, structures and content.

  • Identifies your learning style for a personalised journey.

  • Provides perceptive recommendations in response to your scores and preferences.

  • Automated measurement, reporting and performance analysis.

Self Assessments

Quick and insightful questionnaires to help you identify and track key areas of growth and opportunity by having the right data.

Self Coaching Sessions

Powerful and consistent processes to ensure that your self-coaching is always to the highest standards for maximum impact by being asked the right questions.

Goal Setting Systems

Motivational structures that will inspire and support you in identifying and setting real goals, beyond just objectives by thinking big enough.

Coaching Models & Tools

Engaging and informative videos to provide practical insight, frameworks and processes to help you develop greater understanding and genuine confidence by making the science simple.

Development Programmes

Comprehensive content designed to give you the opportunity to gain a deeper awareness, understanding and confidence in high-performance.


Listen in to the CoachPro Podcasts for all topics relating to your Self-Development. Conversations that offer insight, examples and anecdotes to help you build your self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management and results.

Responsive Links

Intuitive and personalised recommendations based upon your scores and feedback allows you to create your own self-coaching pathway with a helpful guide.

Performance Data

Automated collection and calculation of all your goals, sessions, assessments and activity helps you identify and demonstrate your success, your progress and your performance improvements.


Individual and password protected accounts enable you to self-coach with confidence, assurance and openness in the knowledge that all your details and input remain confidential.

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The CoachPro Process

Top 10 Benefits from a Company CoachPro Account

1. Ethos of Self-Development
2. Performance Measurement & Data
3. Proven Structures & Processes
4. Improved Results & Behaviours
5. Unique Content

6. Integrated System Approach
7. Accessibility
8. Low Cost
9. Level of Control & Management
10. Personalised Experience

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