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Welcome to Self-Coaching 2.0

Self-Coaching on The CoachPro System™ is the most powerful method of Self-Development for your workforce, delivering outcomes and personal growth that will far exceed what could be hoped for from training, mentoring or external coaching.


Why Self Coaching?

Self-Coaching on CoachPro combines the determination to identify and shape the future that employees want to achieve with the structure, process and focus of professional self-coaching. This is amplified by the responsive technology of The CoachPro System™ to maximise the employee learning experience, and the level of development and results achieved.

Self-Coaching is about reaching goals through the development of improved thoughts, feelings, skills and success habits. More than teaching, or training, or mentoring, or even external coaching for your workforce, self-coaching drives a level of personal growth and internal confidence for successful results that are genuine, authentic, sustainable and owned by the employee.

CoachPro provides a wide range of unique Self-Coaching sessions and assessments specifically designed to deliver on a chosen area of focus, need, or situation.

The ability to Self-Coach enables the connection to inner wisdom and experience to determine what is right or best, and to progress towards the thoughts, feelings, skills, habits and ultimately the level of fulfilment desired. All things become independently possible to achieve through self-coaching.

  • Employee Empowerment

CoachPro & Self-Coaching

Self-Coaching is about continually asking better questions to inspire greater thoughts, feelings and actions that deliver superior performance and results.

The CoachPro System™ gives your employees the perfect platform on which to support and develop their ability to Self-Coach ensuring that they benefit fully from the structures, questions, data and insights of the coaching process to reach their fullest potential.

The CoachPro System ™ has developed responsive technology driven by behavioural and motivational science to deliver the self-coaching experience and positive attributes employees deserve.

The CoachPro System™ uses specifically designed algorithms to:

  • Identify learning styles
  • Provide perceptive recommendations
  • Recognise the most effective content and pathways
  • Recommend how best to absorb and apply learning
  • Impactful and rewarding

Personal Growth Strategy

Self-Coaching is the most impactful and rewarding form of personal development available.

Employees will:

  • Learn to trust and understand who they are.
  • Upgrade their inner talk.
  • Become more confident and curious.
  • Increase their capability and capacity to upskill.
  • Gain time to pause, reflect and learn.
  • Employee Determination

The Power Of Self-Coaching

Access to Professional Coaching all day, every day.

There for every moment of crisis, opportunity or need, exactly when required.

Always there, always ready, on time, every time.

With close, personal knowledge and connection.

Building skills and confidence to take charge and own performance.

Accessible, available and inclusive for all

This is the power of Self-Coaching!

  • For Employees who want to make changes or address issues to achieve better; employees who are prepared to apply the very techniques that have proven to work with others.
  • Brings Employees back to a place where everything begins to make sense, where they can flow effortlessly forward without the need to control everything.
  • For Employees to alleviate struggles, concerns and confusion, with cognitive techniques, motivational insights, data and plans for personal empowerment.
  • Making simple, the science of performance so that Employees can determine outcomes and results with confidence.

Top 10 Benefits of Self-Coaching vs Hiring a Coach

1. High Personal Growth
2. Greater Ownership & Confidence
3. Coaching Skills Development
4. Less Expensive
5. Convenience

6. Consistency of Process
7. Flexibility
8. Accessibility
9. Clear Reporting
10. Measurement & Data Capture

  • Growth from Self-Coaching

Employees Learn

  • To recognise that anxiety, depression, panic, unhappiness, frustration, lack of success, disappointment, fear and relationship conflict are all habits and thought patterns that can be broken and replaced. They think and feel differently.
  • To coach, motivate, inspire and empower themselves to recognise what true happiness is, and to understand that it is a choice they can make for themself. They build a happier future.
  • To change negative thought patterns and choice cycles while developing healthier, adaptive ways of living. They create better habits and make better choices.
  • To appreciate that trying to control everything is a problem. They gain control over the important things.
  • To realise that circumstances do not bring them to their knees; it is their interpretation and response that does. They determine impact and value.

There is no other approach to Employee Development that delivers the level of personal growth in terms of self-awareness, self-management, social skills, self-leadership while achieving goals than self-coaching.

  • Employee Benefits Of Self Coaching

The CoachPro System™

The CoachPro System™ provides everything that your Employees need to self-coach at the highest levels and achieve optimal results!

Employee Benefits on CoachPro

  1. Optimal solution for Employee Development.
  2. Quick; yet lasts a lifetime.
  3. Control of their own success.
  4. Self-confidence, determination, empowerment and motivation.
  5. Automatic success responses to challenges.
  6. Greater consciousness and learning.
  7. Solve problems faster.
  8. A mindset to become a better mentor, friend and leader.
  9. The ability to self-coach.
  10. Equipped for all challenges and opportunities.
  • Improve Thinking, Ideas and Beliefs

The Self-Coaching 2.0 Process

The Self-Coaching 2.0 process allows Employees to explore their thinking, ideas and beliefs to create effective strategies and get to the results they want.

This systematic approach will also help train Employees to think differently and enable them to take more control over their future.

Recognise the areas that they consider to be sub-optimal or vital.

Reflect on the thoughts, feelings, choices and impacts that have occurred.

Represent themself in terms of the goals that they set in these areas.

Review how the plans and actions they have designed will work.

Respond by taking action and putting into practice the thoughts, feelings and habits they are developing.

Self-Coaching FAQs

Does this replace face to face coaching for Employees?2021-09-09T09:43:47+01:00

Self-Coaching on CoachPro can be used to replace face to face coaching, or to compliment face to face coaching. The process of self-coaching means that Employees can develop the skills, processes, structures, measurement of a coach while self-coaching.

Is this a version of “Virtual Coaching” for Employees?2021-09-09T09:44:03+01:00

Access to CoachPro provides Employees with the opportunity to have the support and motivation of coaching whenever and wherever they need it most.

Is there any face to face coaching involved on CoachPro?2021-09-09T09:44:17+01:00

As Employees with access to CoachPro being given all the structures, process and measurement of high-performance coaching, there is no need to then also provide face to face coaching. CoachPro is a solution that is independent of face to face coaching, but it can still be integrated where desired.

Will all Employees be able to Self-coach?2021-09-09T09:44:30+01:00

All Employees are given the structures, processes and measurement required to make their self-coaching successful. In addition, they will receive a range of professional tips, guidance and recommendation that are responsive to their results and progress.

How do I encourage Employees to Self-Coach?2021-09-09T09:44:46+01:00

Employees engage best with self-coaching and self-development when they have a reason, need or purpose attached to it. Any specific aims, objectives, goals or requirements that you can ask Employees to self-coach or self-develop on will give them cause to engage.