Self Coaching

Welcome to Self-Coaching 2.0

Self-Coaching on The CoachPro System™ is the most powerful method of Self-Development, delivering outcomes and personal growth that far exceed what you would hope for from training, mentoring of external coaching.

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  • Welcome to Self-Coaching 2.0

Why Self Coaching?

Self-Coaching on The CoachPro System™ is the most powerful method of Self-Development, delivering outcomes and personal growth that far exceed what you would hope for from training, mentoring of external coaching.

Self-Coaching on CoachPro combines your determination to identify and shape the future that you want to achieve with the structure, process and focus of professional self-coaching. This is then amplified by the intuitive technology of The CoachPro System™ to maximise your development and results.

Self-Coaching is about reaching your goals through your development of greater thoughts, feelings, skills and success habits. More than teaching, or training, or mentoring, or even external coaching, self-coaching drives a level of personal growth and internal confidence for successful results that are genuine, authentic and more sustainable, because they are yours.

CoachPro provides you with a unique Self-Coaching sessions and assessments specifically designed to deliver on your chosen areas of focus.

More than self-improvement or self-help, which would lead you more towards training or teaching, the approach of self-development gives you a higher degree of ownership and personal growth, and self-coaching is therefore your perfect match.

Your ability to Self-Coach enables you to tap into your inner wisdom and experiences to determine what is right or best for you, and to progress towards the thoughts, feelings, skills, habits and ultimately the life you want to live. All things become possible to achieve when you can self-coach.

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CoachPro & Self Coaching

At a basic level, Self-Coaching is about continually asking better questions of yourself, and then of others, to inspire greater thoughts, feelings and actions that deliver superior performance and results.

The CoachPro System™ gives you the perfect platform on which to support and develop your ability to Self-Coach ensuring that you benefit fully from the structures, questions, data and insights of the coaching process to reach your fullest potential.

The CoachPro System ™ provides you with unique technology that works with and for you to deliver the self-coaching experience and positive attributes you deserve.

The CoachPro System™ uses specifically designed algorithms to:

  • Identify your learning style
  • Provide perceptive recommendations for you
  • Recognise the most effective content and pathways for you
  • Recommend how best to absorb and apply your learning
  • Impactful and rewarding

Ultimate Personal Growth

Self-Coaching is the most impactful and rewarding form of personal development anywhere.

  • You will learn to trust and understand who you are.
  • You will upgrade your inner talk.
  • You will become more confident and curious.
  • You will gain time to pause, reflect and learn.
  • Take charge of your future

The Power Of Self Coaching

Imagine you had access to a Professional Coach throughout your day; every day.

Imagine if your Coach was there for you for every personal, professional, career or relationship situation or opportunity; for every hurdle or glitch; for every moment of confusion or uncertainty; every time.

Imagine if your Coach picked up the phone, answered the door, was there at your side, ready and willing to take your questions first, always there for you, every time.

Imagine if your Coach knew you even better than your best friends or parents do, who always wanted the best for you, and always understood what worked best for you.

Imagine if your Coach was able to build up your skills and confidence as a Coach while you were being coached to empower you to take charge of your future.

Imagine if that Coach was you.

This is the power of Self-Coaching!

  • Self-Coaching works best for someone who wants to make changes or address issues, or who knows that they want to achieve better, and is prepared to apply in a committed way, the very techniques that have proven to work with others.
  • Self-Coaching brings you back to where everything begins to make sense, where you can flow effortlessly forward rather than be desperately trying to control everything.
  • Self-Coaching is a powerful approach to alleviating struggles, concerns and confusion, combining powerful cognitive psychological techniques and motivational insights, data and plans for personal empowerment.
  • Self-Coaching simplifies the science of performance.

Top 10 Benefits of Self-Coaching vs Getting a Coach

1. High Personal Growth
2. Greater Ownership & Confidence
3. Coaching Skills Development
4. Less Expensive
5. Convenience

6. Consistency of Process
7. Flexibility
8. Accessibility
9. Clear Reporting
10. Measurement & Data Capture

  • Grow With Self Coaching

What You Will Learn

You will learn to:

  • Recognise that anxiety, depression, panic, unhappiness, frustration, lack of success, disappointment, fear and relationship conflict are all habits and thought patterns that can be broken and replaced. You can choose to think and feel differently.
  • Coach, motivate, inspire and empower yourself to recognise what true happiness is for you, and understand that it is a choice you can make for yourself. You can choose to build a happier future.
  • Change negative thought patterns and choice cycles while developing healthier, adaptive ways of living. You can create better habits and make better choices.
  • Appreciate that trying to control everything is a problem. You can gain control over the important things for yourself.
  • Realise that circumstances do not bring you to your knees; it is your interpretation and response that does. You can determine the impact and value you create.

There is no other approach to your development that delivers the level of personal growth in terms of self-awareness, self-management, social skills, self-leadership while achieving your goals than self-coaching.

But Self-Coaching has also proven to be difficult at times……until now!

  • Personal Benefits Of Self Coaching

The CoachPro System

The CoachPro System™ delivers the guides, questions, structures, processes, support, analysis and responsive links that will immediately have you self-coaching to the very highest levels to achieve optimal results!

The Personal Benefits of Self-Coaching on CoachPro

  1. It is the optimal solution for your sustained development.
  2. It can be quick; yet lasts a lifetime.
  3. You maintain complete control of your own success.
  4. You gain self-confidence, determination and motivation by empowering yourself.
  5. You develop automatic responses to challenges that can lead to increased success.
  6. You learn things about yourself that you may not have consciously been aware of.
  7. You solve problems faster.
  8. You develop a mindset that helps you become a better mentor, friend and leader.
  9. You continually develop your ability to self-coach.

You become fully equipped for all your future challenges and opportunities.

  • Explore your thinking, ideas and beliefs

The Self-Coaching 2.0 Process

The Self-Coaching 2.0 Process

The Self-Coaching 2.0 process allows you to explore your thinking, ideas and beliefs in order for you to create effective strategies to get to the results you want. This systematic approach will also help train you to think differently and enable you to take more control over your future.

Recognise the areas that you consider to be sub-optimal or vital.

Reflect on the thoughts, feelings, choices and impacts that have occurred.

Represent yourself in terms of the goals that you have set in these areas.

Review how the plans and actions you have designed for yourself will work.

Respond by taking action and putting into practice the thoughts, feelings and habits that you are developing.