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The CoachPro System™ gives you the amplified benefit of Self-development and Self-Coaching supported by intuitive technology to increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, focus and skills to feel, think and perform for optimal outcomes and results.

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What is CoachPro?

The CoachPro System is an innovative and award-winning Self-Development platform for extraordinary achievement and ultimate personal growth.

CoachPro allows you to increase your confidence, skills and results quickly and easily by combining your determination to self-develop with increasing your ability to self-coach to realise your fullest potential.

  • Self-Development and Self-Coaching

The CoachPro System™

The CoachPro System™ is a game-changer in Self-Development and Self-Coaching as you can now own, and rely upon, the expertise, process, questions, structure, data and insight of professional coaching and development to determine your journey and fulfilment.

For the first time, Self-Development & Self-Coaching are no longer things that you have to do on your own or by yourself; CoachPro is there at your side for your own journey to fulfilment to ensure that you have the optimal mindset, strategies and performance measures at your fingertips 24/7.

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The CoachPro System™

A powerful mix of guided self-development and self-coaching processes:

Coaching Sessions

Powerful and consistent processes to ensure that your self-coaching is always to the highest standards for maximum impact by being asked the right questions.


Quick and insightful questionnaires to help you identify and track key areas of growth and opportunity by having the right data.

Models & Techniques

Engaging and informative videos to provide practical insight, frameworks and processes to help you develop greater understanding and genuine confidence by making the science simple.


Comprehensive content designed to give you the opportunity to gain a deeper awareness, understanding and confidence in high-performance.

Personal Profiles

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Performance Data

Automated collection and calculation of all your goals, sessions, assessments and activity helps you identify and demonstrate your success, your progress and your performance improvements.

The CoachPro System™ helps you solve your challenges and develop the thinking, competencies, skills and habits you will need now, and in the future, to realise your full potential:

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Time Management

Conflict Resolution
Emotional & Social Intelligence

Self-Development, Self-Coaching and Self-Fulfilment are all about being able to ask the right questions, in the right manner, at the right time, in the right order to deliver insights that have a positive impact on your thoughts, feelings, habits, results, and your life!

The CoachPro System™ delivers these questions to you, adapted and personalised, as part of a comprehensive self-development performance system.

““I am confident that the work that I am doing on CoachPro will push me on through my current plateau and provide the skill-set required to achieve success in both my personal and corporate life.”


Director & Owner, Durham

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